Sous l'heure bleue

Castel Sant'angelo est certainement un endroit à photographier à Rome. La région est magnifique, les détails sur toutes les sculptures sont complexes et le pont avec la rivière est tout simplement superbe.

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Certificat d'authenticité signé par l'artiste
Imprimé sur verre Acrylique Plexiglass® de 4mm d'épaisseur
Toile montée sur un chassis en bois
Imprimé sur Aluminium Dibond 3mm
Imprimé sur plastique Forex 5mm d'épaisseur
Description du Produit
  • 100 éditions limitées
  • Edition limitée numérotée sur le Certificat
  • Certificat d'Authenticité digital signé par l'artiste
  • Editeur: Artofokus
  • Droit d'auteur: Rilind Hoxha
73984 Editions limitées
A propos de l'artiste Rilind Hoxha
Although born in Macedonia, a small country in the Balkans, he always considered himself to be a man of big dreams. Thus, since a very young age, he wanted to become someone who would leave a mark in the world, and later on he discovered that photography is his means to doing just that.
His journey began by taking pictures of everyday moments and small happenings in his life, as a way to share his perspective and help others connect with him and his surroundings. By approaching each picture with attention and love, he tried to best grasp the beauty of the thing around him as well as of the nature, known for its simplicity and yet cryptic complexity, through colorful and energetic imagery.
Moreover, as he traveled around the world, he brought a piece of each country back home through my photography. From mosques, to kayaks, tall building and parks be it in Turkey, Dubai, or Italy– he did not want to lose a moment.
More recently, through the careful use of composition, vision of light, and the eye for detail, he constantly attempt to generate extraordinary images out of ordinary objects. Using technical aspects of photography, he tries to evoke emotions for the viewer even from the simplest products or buildings. Hence, his last projects involved photographing some of the most famous hotels and apartments in the region, and those pictures are now used in, Booking, and TripAdvisor among others.
As an extension to his passion for photography, he is also engaged in shooting videos, as a way to best portray the distinct
composition and the real-feel of objects and settings.
He always felt it was a tremendous honor to document beautiful scenery and significant moments, but it is even a greater pleasure to share them with people like YOU.

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