I was painting a picture

The picture was a painting of you

And for a moment i thought that you were here

But then again, it wasn't true.

Print on
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist
Plexiglass® Acrylic 4mm
Canvas Mounted on Wooden Frame
Aluminium Dibond 3mm
Forex Plastic 5mm
Product Information
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Limited Edition numbered on Certificate
  • Digital Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist
  • Provider: Artofokus
  • Copyright: Krishna Vr
7184 Limited Editions
About the Artist Krishna Vr

'Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art. '

Krishna Vr (May 20, 1999, Mexico), is a young photographer well known for her creative and conceptual works of art, and self-portrait as her specialty.

Krishna demonstrated an extraordinary artistic talent in his early years, creating non-existent characters that usually only existed in his imagination.

She felt that photography could be a way of expressing herself with her own body as she was inspired by other conceptual photographers on the web.

Explain that we can not create without an idea that comes from the deepest parts of our heart and feelings, ideas come but incomplete, when you really do not feel inspired about what you are doing.


In that time, Krishna continued to grow and improve her work over the years, and even now she always mentions her family as an amazing support in every step she takes, being a special part of conquering and accepting her art.

Persistence and creativity are one of those things we can never leave behind.

An intimate friend of one of her theater class teachers discovered the talent of the artist and they helped her to open her first exhibition in her city and make it a great experience for this 15 year old artist, after that, Krishna started to interact more and more with projects and visions that helped her show her work to the whole world.

One of his first and most important achievements was the opportunity to obtain an exhibition of one of his photographs called 'Path of Destruction' in the 'Exposure Award Collection' held at the Louvre Museum, one of the most important and famous museums of the entire world.


It was the moment when Krishna felt honored and surrounded by tons of art and after that the photographer never refused to help those who were even starting in the art environment, talking about their experiences in workshops and conferences, now even in cities like Veracruz, León, Guadalajara.


In 2016, he managed to stand out again internationally with his work 'Ofelia', which was exhibited in the city of New York in the month of July, in a private event in New York Times Square and later winning the first place in the category ' Under 20 'at the Siena International Photography Awards, a ceremony held in October in the city of Siena, Italy, led by an exhibition called' Beyond The Lens' where that image was also exhibited.


At the young age of 17, Krishna was the first Mexican woman who won first place in these awards, with competition from approximately 140 countries and more than 5,000 images registered annually.


The work of Krishna Vr in one word would be "formidable". Very powerful or strong because of the energy load and the amount of feelings that it maintains in each piece of art and that tends to inspire fear or wonder.

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