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Jhribarfoto is the alias for Jeroen, a 35-year old Dutch native, based out of Switzerland since 4 years. Photography for him started in 1993, back then focusing on the niche of aviation photography. After shooting Kodachrome K64 slide film on Canon gear for about 10 years, this medium got less and less accessible and increasingly expensive. The "jump" into digital for him took place in 2003 with a Canon DSLR. At the same time he branched out into travel and landscape photography, which is his main focus today.

From the very first digital images to what he captures today, he has continuously sharpened the saw on compositional and post-processing skills and with new software being released regularly, this is more or less an ever-ongoing process. His go-to post-processing software is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Camera RAW. He works with different in-camera capturing and post-processing techniques such as digital blending and selective masking to enable freezing the "perfect" memory of a scene.

Over the past years, he has flown over 1.3 million km around the globe to many interesting and fascinating destinations. In doing so, he loves the outdoor world and discovering the little big things that nature and weather have to offer. While at home and with the central Swiss mountains "in the back yard", hikes in the mountains are a great way for him to sink into nature and let inspiration happen.

Next to the creative aspect of capturing the memory of a scene, he also enjoys helping fellow photographers by sharing his photography know-how.

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